My Comments on Small Smiles Dental Clinics

February 14, 2008

Any clinic that takes Medicaid children will be using MERCURY dental fillings in the child's teeth, especially on back teeth.

At a FDA hearing in September 2006, two Advisory Panels to the FDA stated they could not agree with the position the FDA had been taking that these silver amalgam or mercury fillings could be considered safe, based on the evidence that was presented to them at the meeting. The Advisory Panel requested more information. They didn't get their request because the FDA is in bed with the ADA, the American Dental Association.

The Advisory Panels were very concerned about mercury exposure from dental fillings in CHILDREN and in PREGNANT women. When dentists drill out fillings the mercury vapor flies!!In the meantime Consumers for Dental Choice has sued the FDA to FORCE the FDA to classify the silver amalgam fillings. They have been used for over 150 years and yet never have been classified by the FDA as safe. Nor will they ever be classified as safe because half- 50% of the filling is actually MERCURY--the same type of mercury that is in a thermometer.

I have been poisoned from my MERCURY fillings as has countless others. Norway has banned the use of mercury fillings, and insurance DOES NOT pay for mercury fillings in Sweden since the mercury from the dentist's office ends up in the streams where it pollutes the fish. If you love your children, and I know you do, PLEASE find a way to keep your children from having those HORRIBLE, UGLY MERCURY fillings. Protect them from exposure to mercury. Find a dentist who uses the white composite resin fillings. They are much safer, look better and less of the tooth structure is lost while the filling is being appplied. Borrow, beg or do what is necessary to protect your children from the misery that I and others are currently suffering.

MEDICAID dentists will use these mercury fillings because that is what the government will pay for. FEMA has finally admitted they are poisoning children who are housed in trailers that are outgassing formaldehyde, but the FDA, and the American Dental Association will not admit they are poisoning generations of people with silver amalgam dental fillings.

Children are desperate to find dentists who will treat them. One young boy in Maryland died last year from an abcessed tooth that was not extracted in time, and the infection went into his brain. The sad part is, when children are being treated by dentists who accept Medicaid, they are being treated with mercury fillings and stainless steel crowns, known as chrome caps, which are loaded with nickel. Nickel is a known cancer causing agent. Dr. Hal Huggins says that when he sees children in the airport with big thick lenses in their glasses he looks at their mouths and see their teeth capped with these chrome caps. He says some of these children also develop behavioral and learning problems. One lady testified at FDA hearings in 2006 that her straight A son regressed to a failing student after having dental work with nickel in it.

Other dentists, who do not take Medicaid, also use the mercury fillings and the chrome caps. It is all just part of the LOW standards of care in dentistry. Porcelain crowns would cost more than stainless steel (or chrome caps) and people figure that children's teeth will just fall out. You adults, beware if you see a little gray line around the base of your porcelain crown. If you see a gray line, then your crown is a porcelain fused to metal crown (containing nickel) and these type of crowns will also make you very sick. These crowns are especially dangerous if they are over top of a mercury filling. Placed over mercury fillings, they will make your gums puffy and red and cause a metallic taste in your mouth. Metallic taste is a symptom of mercury toxicity according to the Materials Safety Data Sheet of amalgam manufacturers.

The root canals in these children being treated at Small Smiles Dental Clinics are also toxic because the roots of the teeth are filled with a rubber like substance called gutta percha, which also contains the toxic metal cadmium.

We have a generation of children being poisoned by their dentists and doctors (by thimerosal containing vaccines), with the blessings of the government agencies.

Help one poor child in your family or community. Assist in their dental care by helping to provide them with non toxic dentistry from a mercury free dentist.

And don't think you are safe because you are taking your child to a high class pediatric dentist in your community. Every pediatric dentist in Roanoke, Virginia uses mercury in children's teeth! If everyone would boycott dentists who use mercury, then the dentists would have to change the way they practice dentistry. Why support a dentist that is poisoning people with mercury fillings?

These are the pediatric dentists in Roanoke, Virginia who use MERCURY in children's teeth.

Dr. David E Bittel
3650 Colonial Avenue, SW
Roanoke, VA 24018

A. Scott Anderson III
3650 Colonial Avenue, SW
Roanoke, VA 24018-4004

Gabriel M Brown and other dentists at
Carilion Pediatric Dental Clinic, at Carilion Hospital
101 Elm Avenue, SE
Roanoke, VA 24013

John J Davis
6112 Peters Creek Road
Roanoke, VA 24019

Small Smiles Dental Clinic
Crossroads Mall
Roanoke, VA
(There may not be any dentists working in this clinic that actually has a degree in pediatrics according to newscasts.)

Any dentist that is a MEDICAID dentist will use mercury dental fillings.

A Dentist in New Jersey Has Some Sense

See pictures of Mercury dental fillings on the web site of Dr. Steve Markus from New Jersey. Which would you choose?

Dr. Steve Markus testified before the FDA hearings in 2006, that while he was in school, his mother had sent him a clipping from the Sunday Times of the Vimy study. Scientist had put mercury dental fillings in some sheep and monkeys' teeth and then removed them. Then they took Whole body scans of the animals. The scans showed mercury in the jawbone, kidneys, liver, and stomachs of the sheep and monkeys one month after radioactive mercury fillings were inserted into the animals' teeth. Dr. Markus vowed he would never again use mercury fillings.

There are some MERCURY FREE DENTISTS in Roanoke who are not pediatric dentists, but they will take children.

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