Comments Relating to the September 6 & 7, 2006 Joint Panel Meeting on Dental Amalgam

The FDA is publishing comments pertaining to the FDA hearings on dental amalgam on their web site. This is only a partial list. There were over 2000 comments and it may take the FDA quite a while to post them all.

Some of these comments are very hard to read because they are not formatted to fit the size of the viewing screen. Therefore you will have to scroll and scroll and scroll to read them.

Or you can copy and paste the comments onto a Word document where they will be easy to read.

For those who do not know how to do this, follow these directions:

1) Open up a Word document.

2) Click on the link provided below. Choose the txt document link and click on it to open it.

3) At the top of your browser, select EDIT----> SELECT ALL----> COPY.

4) Paste the txt document onto the Word document that you opened. Now it will formattted for easy reading.

This is the link for the Comments to the FDA docket number 2006N-0352.