Dental Associations are Not Protecting Citizens
[updated May 30, 2003]

I posted the following article on a Yahoo support group for people with MS.

Dear Group,
Dental Associations like the ADA and their state affiliates are not protecting the citizens of the US. Their attitude is very cavalier; they don't care about the health of people; they only want to keep their status quo position on the safety of dental amalgam.

Synonyms of cavalier : disdainful, haughty, high-and-mighty, insolent, lofty, overbearing, supercilious, superior.
definition: marked by or given to offhand and often disdainful dismissal of important matters

I wrote to legislators in AZ to ask them to ban mercury fillings.

Please Ban Mercury Filling in AZ, Support HB 2467

Dear Delegates and Senators of AZ,
Please pass HB 2467 in AZ to ban mercury fillings in children, pregnant and nursing women. There is a lawsuit now in TX concerning mercury being used in a pregnant woman:

"In a landmark lawsuit, a Texas dentist is being sued for malpractice for placing mercury fillings into a pregnant woman's mouth which caused severe autism to her child. While the American Dental Association, state boards, and amalgam manufacturers have been sued in other states, it is the first time, anywhere, that an individual dentist is being held liable for toxic injuries in connection with dental amalgams. "

This case can be viewed at


I had mercury placed in my mouth as a child because there were not other readily available materials in the 50's. However, today there is no need to place a toxic material in children's teeth. If I had not had mercury placed as a child, I would not have become mercury poisoned as an adult.

I was poisoned in August 2001 when my dentist drilled into a silver filling and I breathed the mercury vapors. I am still in the painful process of removing mercury from my brain. I did not know that "silver" fillings were actually 50% mercury. I also did not know that when I breathed vapor that I could be poisoned.

I went to 6 doctors in my city that is well known for its medical care in this area of the state. However none of these doctors knew how to diagnose mercury toxicity from dental fillings. After searching on the Internet and books for two months I was finally able to self diagnose my condition and find an alternative MD who understood mercury toxicity. I had to do all this reseach in spite of the fact I was barely able to function due to memory loss and confusion. I experienced pain in my brain, floaters in my eyes, chemical and food allergies, dizziness, chronic fatigue, aching muscles, fits of anger in public, messed up hormones and thyroid.

Children and pregnant women need to be protected and consumers need to be informed about the dangers of dental mercury. People with existing mercury need to be aware that there is a safe protocol for the safe removal of mercury fillings and most dentists do not practice this protocol. Most dentist's standards of care is to expose patients to mercury vapor while drilling out a filling.

Biological dentist use an alternative source of air, such as an oxygen mask for patients to use so they will not breathe the vapors while a dentist is drilling out mercury fillings. He also uses a device called a dental dam and a high powered vaccuum suction machine at the patient's face to take away the vapors. The dentist and his assistant uses a respirator to protect themselves from vapor, not a little paper mask. Many office assistants are becoming ill due to constant exposure to mercury vapor from the dentist drilling out patients' fillings.

To protect patients this must happen:

1. Dentist should be free to discuss dangers of dental materials with their patients instead of being afraid of loosing their dental credentials because of "gag orders" of state dental boards and licensing agents.

2. Patients should know that amalgam is 50% mercury and there are safer products available.

3. Patients should know that many people suffer severe health consequences as a result of being exposed to mercury vapor. It is not an allergic reaction as the ADA claims; it is poisoning.

4. Patients should be aware of a safe protocol to remove existing mercury from their mouths. They should be aware there are dentists who are practicing this safe protocol for mercury removal.

5. Patients should be aware that mercury passes through the milk of a nursing mother and the placenta of a pregnant woman that can poison the baby in the womb.

6. State run dental facilities should be banned from using mercury in the mouths of poor children. If the state is paying for their medical care, it would be cheaper in the long run to put in dental materials that will be safe and not cause illnesses later on where the state would be paying for the treatment of these illnesses.

7. Insurances should be required to pay for alternatives to amalgam in dental products.

It is imperative that states step in with legislation to protect citizens. It is a proven fact that the American Dental Association, state dental boards, and state dental schools are not protecting citizens because they are all run by the ADA. The ADA refuses to take responsibiltity for this medical holacaust, and continues to lie even before Congressional hearings on the subject.

Thank you,

Marie Flowers
Vinton, VA 24179

marieflow (at) (my personal website)

I received an email from the Executive Director of the AZ Dental Association telling me of a dental case that the attorney Shawn Khorrami lost in New York.

Date: 2/26/03 12:30:43 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Rick Murray)
To: MarieFlow (at) (Marie Flowers)

New York State Supreme Court Judge William Roy Feb. 18 dismissed two amalgam-related lawsuits against the ADA, stating that the plaintiffs had failed to show a "cognizable cause of action."

After reviewing "voluminous papers" and hearing "extensive oral arguments," Judge Roy granted an ADA motion to dismiss both complaints on grounds that the plaintiffs lacked "personal jurisdiction" and had failed to state a claim for which relief could be granted.

"I'm delighted with the decision," ADA Chief Legal Counsel Peter M. Sfikas said of Judge Roy's ruling. "This decision is absolutely correct in the law. The court's ruling presents a significant victory for the ADA."

Originally filed May 20, 2002, in Syracuse, N.Y., by Los Angeles attorney Shawn Khorrami, the two lawsuits are identified in court records as Campbell vs. ADA, et al. and Kids Against Pollution vs. ADA, et al.

In addition to the ADA, defendants included the New York State Dental Association and the Fifth District Dental Society. Both suits claimed the defendants had deceived the plaintiffs and the public about health risks allegedly associated with dental amalgam.

The complaints also said the defendants had concealed information about amalgam's environmental impact, promoted false scientific studies, barred dentists from informing patients about alleged health effects of amalgam, misrepresented amalgam as "silver" fillings and concealed their own economic stake in these alleged misrepresentations.

The plaintiffs had sought an injunction, restitution, punitive damages, reimbursement for legal fees and establishment of a fund to cover the costs of testing and monitoring the plaintiffs' "mercury poisoning."

The New York suits are similar to complaints pending in California and Maryland. Those suits also were filed by attorney Shawn Khorrami.

Rick Murray

Executive Director
Arizona Dental Association

I responded to Mr. Murray. I was not very cool.

Subj: Re: Judge Roy granted an ADA motion to dismiss
Date: 2/26/03 12:51:30 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: MarieFlow (at)

Dear Mr. Murray,
You must be very happy to keep people sick from amalgam related illnesses and to have the judges to take up for you. You lying dentists and dental associations are going to pay for your lying ways. Jesus Christ, who said He was the Truth, said "Liars shall not inherit the Kingdom of God."

Please see my website at to see what "modern dentisty" has done to my brain.

Truth is stronger than lies. The truth will eventually rise to the top. The next case will be better.

Marie Flowers
DAMS coordinator in VA

Here is his response to my invitation to read my website:

Subj: RE: Judge Roy granted an ADA motion to dismiss
Date: 2/26/03 1:05:30 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Rick Murray)
To: Marieflow (at)

No thanks!

Rick Murray

Executive Director
Arizona Dental Association

I had also posted a request on a mercury support groups for people to write letters to the AZ legislators. Joel Jackson wrote emails and received a reply from legislator Linda Gray that she was voting to ban mercury fillings. Joel wrote this letter back to the Executive Director of the AZ Dental Association Rick Murray.

Date: 2/26/03 1:30:26 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: (Joel Jackson)
CC: MarieFlow (at)

Dear Mr. Murray,

Thank you for sharing the recent results from the litigation in New York involving the anti-amalgam effort with Ms. Marie Flowers. I would point out that as a newcomer to the amalgam issue, I am impressed by the recurring theme that suggests that the anti-amalgam camp uses science and real-life experience to promote its campaign, and that the ADA and related dental organizations use propaganda.

Your response to Ms. Flowers did not relay any convincing evidence that amalgams are harmless, nor offer any evidence that amalgam is not responsible for any or all parts of her illesses. On the contrary, Marie and other anti-amalgam experts would be the first to point the facts. Such facts are very impressive and convincing, i.e. the facts regarding measurable Mercury vapor in the mouth from amalgam. Please refer to the work done by Dr. Boyd Haley, Ph.D. Biochemist, Professor and Chair of Chemistry Department, University of Kentucky, and Dr. Curt Pendergrass, Ph.D. Toxicologist and President of ALT Inc.

I would like to add that the Honorable Linda Gray of Arizona has responded favorably to HB 2467 regarding banning the use of amalgam fillings on pregnant women and children. You may want to attempt to use the recent case in New York as evidence that amalgams are harmless. However, I caution that those who value science over rhetoric will see through this attempt to dodge the issue.

Thank you for your transparent response to Ms. Flowers. It truly helps the cause of those promoting the removal of Mercury-based fillings from society for the health and safety of all.

Best regards,

Joel Jackson
Platte City, MO 64079

Executive Director of the AZ Dental Association Rick Murray's response to Joel Jackson's email:

I find it interesting that people like you and Ms. Flowers think that by spewing propaganda and un-substantiated medical claims against science-based clinical studies is an effective method of fighting the amalgam issue. It makes my job much easier. Why would I want to respond to you or her when neither one of you has any stake or interest in Arizona? I think the courts decision says it all.

Rick Murray
Executive Director
Arizona Dental Association

Joel and I do have an interest in AZ. Every state that passes legislation to inform consumers about dental amagam is one state closer to my my state doing something about it. There were Congressional hearings over this matter last November of 2002. There is legislation in Congress concerning dental amalgam also. Several states have passed legislation and others are proposing legislation.

So Mr. Murray is gloating over the ADA win in NY. Shawn Khorrami has several cases about mercury on his website. One loss does not mean that he will loose them all. But the reason I am sending this information to this group is this:

The organized ADA Dental Association just does not care. Amalgam has never been tested for safety by the FDA. It was "grandfathered" into use. The first dental organization in America before the ADA would remove licenses from dentists who used amalgam. Then this organization was dissolved and the ADA took over with the philosophy of using amalgam.

The ADA doesn't care. There is much scientific research today to show the dangers of amalgam. The MS Society quotes the ADA about mercury not causing MS symptoms. Since the ADA is a lying organization that is totally corrupt, how can you believe the MS Society? I would not give one red cent to the MS society. It is money thrown down the drain of an organization hiding its head in the sand. And since the MS Society is the "expert" organization concerning MS, then many people are left sick and helpless.

The pro-amalgam dental associations are an evil bunch.

Marie Flowers

End of post to the MS support group

I learned my lesson. I won't be corresponding with any more executives of dental associations. The Bible says you can't correct fools. I will be writing my letters to those who CONTROL dental associations and see if their attitudes will remain so cavalier. I am reminded of the Scripture, "a haughty spirit goeth before a fall."

The reason I posted this series of emails on this site and revealed my loss of temper at the same time, is to just let the public know the attitude of those in dental associations. Rick Murray is not an exception. The American Dental Association does not care about people that are hurt from dental mercury. They just ridicule those who say they have been poisoned and keep saying that amalgam is safe and it never has been proven to hurt but only 100 people. Well I am number 101! And in the position I am in as a DAMS Activist I have already met number 102, 103, 104..............When will this madness stop???

May 30, 2003
Click on this link to the ADA website and see how they rejoiced when the bills to ban amalgam in Arizona was defeated. The ADA is happy that they can continue to poison children, pregnant and nursing women in Arizona. The AZ dental association pulled out 700 of their pro-amalgam dentist clones to lobby legislators to defeat this Arizona bill. Click here to see the attitude of the Scumballs. And the ADA calls themselves a professional organization! What a laugh! The reason Shawn Khorrami lost the lawsuit mentioned above in New York was not because the judge rulled that mercury was safe. The judge only ruled that he did not have jurisdiction over the ADA. So who does have jurisdiction over these Skuzballs?

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