Dentists Tell Patients Amalgams Do Not Have Mercury

November 2006. I received an email from a faculty member of a local university:

I had a filling put in Summer 2005. I asked for the white filling, but the dentist said shed use amalgam fillings that were mercury free. I believed her. This was only my second filling in my life.

For 24 hours, the left side of my face was paralyzed. The dentist said she must have hit a nerve to cause it. I have tasted metal ever since.

I have two crowns on my front teeth that have a stainless steel support/backing.

In Fall of 2005 I was diagnosed with depression. I have never been a depressed or nervous person until now.

I think Im experiencing the effects of mercury from the amalgam filling.

Ill keep reading your website and follow up with my doctor.


I asked M who the dentist was and he said, "The dentist was Dr. Xxx in Cxxx. Shes young, probably not 10 years out of school, so I trusted her. Oh well! live and learn! Ha!"

I wrote back to M:

She is guilty of fraud. You could report her to the dental board. If you asked for white, you should have gotten white!!

She knows that amalgam has mercury. She is afraid to discuss mercury with you because the dental board will persecute her if she tells you mercury is dangerous. But she must believe the lies she was taught in dental school, that it is safe, because she is using it.

But she could have avoided the issue by just putting in the white filling.