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Mercury and Heavy Metals Toxicity

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This groups has postings from people like Bernard Windham, president of DAMS. Retired biological dentist Dr. Jerry Mittleman also posts on this group.

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A lively group of people who can share with you how they are chelating mercury and other heavy metals. Some are quite knowledgeable and share what has worked for them.

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This is an excellent group of parents and some chemists, and an occasional doctor who discuss how to test, and remove heavy metals from their children's brains that occured after being exposed to thimerosal (mercury) and other harmful ingredients in baby vaccines. Andy Cutler, a chemist, who has chelated himself of mercury and also his girlfriend's child, is one of the main ones to give advice on this group. He has written the book Amalgam Illness. There are files on this group that can answer many questions about chelation of heavy metals that would be applicable to those who are mercury poisoned from dental fillings.

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There are a variety of opinions on this group on dealing with MS. I value the advice of Duncan McDowell who has helped his wife Janie improve 90% from Multiple Schlerois after safely removing her amalgam fillings and chelating her body of mercury. She also recommends following a very strict diet. Janie's Story appears on my website.

To Join Amalgam Listserv go to This is a good group of people who discuss the politics of the anti amalgam issue, how to chelate their bodies of heavy metals. There are many articles on how to choose the proper dental materials. There are years of archives and good posts from people like Ray Saarella, who was severely mercury poisoned and has studied this issue for years.

Be sure to bookmark these groups so you can return to them. You can also have emails sent to you, but sometimes it is easier to follow the path of the questions and answers if you return to the actual site.

WARNING: These sites above are pretty open. Email addresses are available to members so they can contact one another individually if they choose to do so. Beware of support groups online that WILL NOT allow you to contact one another, that edit everything you post on the site, will not allow you to provide links to other worthwhile sites, that try to stifle free discussion and the information that people can post. Beware when they will not allow you to post your own website, or restict discussion because they are being supported by a supplement company or a drug company. Some who have posted on certain support groups have informed me how some MS sites are supported by MS drug companies so they do not want anyone posting alternative treatments.

I recently joined a certain online health bulletin board. They would not allow me to post information about DAMS for dental referrals and would not allow me to say I was a DAMS coordinator. They want everyone to be "peers" on this site and no one is supposed to know more than anyone else. If a doctor is posting on this site, they are not allowed to say they are a doctor, after all everyone is supposed to be peers.

When I get on a support group, I like to know the background of the person. I will pay more attention to a dentist or a doctor or a Naturopath than to just a regular person that is just offering uninformed opinions. I also like the option of emailing people on the list privately.

If you get "stuck" on one of these support groups or bulletin boards that restict everything that is said and done, your source of information and your options will be limited. You will only be allowed to know what the moderators think is appropriate for you to know. And the moderators have their own biases. They may be pro amalgam or pro drugs or anti alternative medicine.

In December of 2004, I received an email from Dan Thielen of Wisconsin who wrote:
Speaking of losing faith in doctors, here is something you might get a kick out of: After reading your story, and doing enough reading up on mercury poisoning, I wanted to try and see if a lot of other people were experiencing these bizarre symptoms. So I decided to do a google search with the keywords symptom "burning brain". I came across a "BrainTalk Community" website which has discussion forums with people talking about a wide variety of neurological conditions, and these people are asking for advice from other people who may have had these symptoms. On this site I did a search for "burning brain", and got over 400 results. I started reading some of these posts, and I was amazed at how many people were discussing these exact same symptoms. So with my desire to help people, I began posting replies explaining that I experience the exact symptoms which are repeatedly mentioned in these forums, and then explained how to do a google search using key words like "symptoms of mercury poisoning", or "symptoms of heavy metal toxicity", etc. I also said to please do your own research on it, and please tell everyone who will listen about it! About an hour after posting these messages, I started getting replies thanking me for the information, that they would look into it, and the discussion of mercury poisoning in these forums started gaining momentum. About a half hour to an hour after that, I went back on to the site to see if there were anymore replies, but for some reason I couldnít logon to the site. So I took the back door approach, and logged on as an anonymous user just to view the replies. Needless to say, I was absolutely shocked to see that the administrator of the site had deleted every single one of my posts, including all the replies I had received, and then banned me from the site! Can you believe that? I couldnít understand why this happened, so I did a little research on who runs this site. Well it started making sense after I found out that it was owned and operated buy a team of neurologists in Massachusetts. Can you say "suppression of the truth"? This proved to me that the illusion of doctors being there to help people is just that, an illusion, and that doctors are not "health care professionals" like everyone thinks. They are business men driven by greed, just like the pharmaceutical companies. Donít get me wrong, Iím not bashing all doctors. Iím sure there are some truly honest ones out there with good intentions, especially ones that are considered "alternative doctors." But people do have to open their eyes to the fact that there is a lot of greed behind the entire industry of "conventional medicine."
I did a google search of old scans of the Brain Talk Community website and found some of the posts Dan had written. He put a link to my website in some of them and I saw the word banned. He just encouraged people who had had burning sensations to do a search for mercury poisoning symptoms.

Also you need to know that some posts on support groups are very off the wall, and I do not agree with all the posts or the "religious" or spiritual views of all people on these support groups I have suggested above. If you are a Christian, you will take your Christian views of life everywhere you go. Others have other "religious" views and you need to be aware of where they are coming from. You need to pray and ask God's guidance as you sort through the multitude of opinions and ideas when trying to solve health problems. But yet I have learned much from these groups and people who were poisoned before I was poisoned and have already traveled down the road to recovery.

Proverbs 3: 5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.

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