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AUDIO AND VIDEO SITES This is the site of Sirius radio personality Deborah Rae on the Internet. She interviews a biological dentist regularly and also alternative health practioners about different subjects. She often interviews Charlie Brown about political actions regarding mercury. You can listen live or listen to the Archives of past programs. The archives change weekly.

Dr. Deborah Baker has archives of audio clips of people like Dr. Boyd Haley, Carol Ward and Freya Koss, and other who talk about mercury toxicity and detoxification.

Dr. Ted Cole, D.O. interviews Dr. Boyd Haley, Dr. Richard Chanin, DDS, Dr. Bill Westendorf, DDS about mercury fillings and biological dentistry, thimerosal and vaccines.

Videos about the autism mercury connection is at

Mercury, Autism and the World Global Agenda by David Ayoub

Interview on NPR Radio. Connecticut Weighs Health Risk of Dental Fillings.

OTHER MERCURY LINKS _ In depth research with documented footnotes by Bernie Windham, current president of DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome) Website for Dr. Hal Huggins, pioneer in exposing the dangers of mercury in this generation. Click on Site Index for definitions, recommendations for dental materials. Amalgam Related Illness, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by Leif Hedegard of Sweden

Jigsaw Health For the past 30 years, Pat Sullivan has struggled with the recurrent symptoms of Candidiasis, Mercury Toxicity (from dental amalgams), Irritable Bowel, Chronic Fatigue, and Adrenal Fatigue Syndromes. Suffering from these conditions has driven Pat to discover the pieces to his own health puzzle. His motivation to find them came from his deep-seated belief in cause and effect "if there is an effect, there MUST be a cause!

His desire to help others piece together their own chronic health puzzles has led to the creation of Jigsaw Health, and the Jigsaw Health Foundation (a non-profit organization that helps subsidize the removal of dental mercury amalgams for needy individuals with chronic health conditions).

Read Pat's inspiring story of his struggles with chronic recurrent illness in Wellness Piece by Piece.

This is a commercial site, but Pat is doing good things for people who can't afford to have their fillings removed. You can apply for aid or give online to help sick, poor people who have been poisoned from their fillings. Dr. Russell Blaylock highly recommends their time released magnesium.

Research Old Archives
Way Back Machine Type in the URL for websites such as,,, and see files from the beginning of their websites. See old files that may not not be available for viewing on their present day website. You can learn much about the history of the anti mercury movement on these sites.

ALTERNATIVE AND COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE Dr. Joseph Mercola has the 2nd most popular alternative health site on the internet. He tells the dangers of prescription drugs years before you hear it on the news. He is exposing medicine in its greed and its playing buddies the pharmaceuticals. Going to fill a prescription? Check it out with Mercola first and you might change your mind. I wish my aunt had checked out Fosomax before it damaged her esophagus and she ended up going to the hospital and dying from an infection. Taking premarin, or synthetic hormones? Mercola will tell you the truth. Have a particular disease? Type it in and let Mercola give you an alternative opinion.

www. Get a second opinion before submitting to bypass surgery. EDTA chelation therapy might be the answer to avoid invasive heart bypass. Order Dr. Elmer Cranton's book Bypassing Bypass Surgery.

Carpet Politics and Alternatives - chemicals given off by carpeting found to cause health problems
The August 2001 article from the Townsend Letter to Doctors and Patients describes the harmful effects of the outgassing of toxic chemicals from carpets contributing to environmental illness. If you are already chemically sensitive or mercury poisoned, a new carpet could bring deadly results to your health.

Also beware of new smells from automobiles. Zeolite is claimed to absorb odors from new cars.

PERSONAL STORIES "Marie's Story of Mercury Poisoning." The story of a Virginia homemaker's search for help after being mercury poisoned by her dentist.

RITALIN Personal testimony of the death of a 14 year old boy from ritalin because of pressure from the school system to drug the child.

VACCINES Official site for National Vaccine Information Center. Website of two ladies in North Carolina who are very active in the fight against mercury. Website for the Autism Research Institute Website for up to date Vaccination News by Sandy Mintz. Featured on Red Flags Weekly. com Website of Safe Minds. The founder of this organization works for Congressman Dan Burton on the issue of vaccine related autism. Website of Dr. Alan and Lujene Clark from Missouri whose son was poisoned from mercury in a flu vaccine at the age of 7 1/2. Excellent website documenting the coverup by government organizations concerning dangers from mercury in vaccines. See the full page add they placed in USA Today at USA Today Anti Thimerosal Add jan/25/pediarix.htm Pediatric Combination Vaccine Approved by U.S. FDA. This dangerous vaccine has not be proven safe says Dr.Sherri Tenpenny.

SPIRITUAL HELP Website for Kenneth Copeland Ministries. This site will offer prayer, and build your faith as you seek for an answer to your health problems. Website for Teen Challenge, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program with a 85% proven success rate. Treatment is available for both teens and adults. For the Roanoke chapter contact Harley Cox at 540-265-0488. I have recommended this program to many prisoners. Website of Mike Shreve, former New Ager, who has studied 30 world religions in his quest for God.


toxicteeth. org Policy related amalgam news from Consumers for Dental Choice Official website for DAMS Intl. Website of Michael Bender and the Mercury Policy Project.

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