Mercury is Still in Vaccines

If you will google "FDA thimerosol", you will be directed to the FDA web site page that lists the amount of thimerosol that is STILL in vaccines. Some have 25 ug (or micrograms) of mercury and there are other vaccines with lesser or "trace" amounts. Of course the FDA won't admit that 25 micrograms of mercury is dangerous. But you can get on the FDA site yourself to see the manufacturer's name to know which vaccine to ask for that does not contain mercury, if you decide to vaccinate your child. However, some holistic doctors think that other ingredients in the vaccines other than mercury are also not safe. You can check out to see the different ingredients in the flu vaccine.

25 micrograms of mercury is a huge amount. To not exceed government guidelines for a "safe" level of mercury (which I don't think there is a safe level,) you would have to weigh over 550 pounds. For a child receiving half of this amount of mercury in a vaccine, they would have to weigh 1/2 of 550 pounds.

So when the doctors, the government spokesmen, and the news media claim there is just a low amount, they are LYING to you, are UNINFORMED or are just plain STUPID. Why would you want to listen to medical advice from a liar, an uninformed or stupid person? I think they just quote others without checking out the facts for themselves.

The FDA web site at reveals the following:

This ug symbol means micrograms, or mcg.

The TT vaccine contains 25 ug mercury.

The DT vaccine contains 25 ug mercury

The meningococcal vaccine contains 25 ug mercury

Some flu vaccines have the mercury at 25 ug including one product that you spray up your nose (Fluzone).

The Japanese Encephalitis vaccine contains 35u g mercury.

I accessed the FDA site on March 8, 2008, so if you read this much later the information could be different. Check it out for yourself.

So there! Mercury is still in vaccines. You have to watch these people like a hawk. They are lying crawling snakes. They don't want to admit they have poisoned a generation of children and are giving old people Alzheimer's and other neurological diseases.

See Some Rabies Vaccines and Opthalmic Eye Drops Contain Thimerosal.

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