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From: Tanya Wilson
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Just as a side note, I really think it is important that the need/option of biocompatibility testing BEFORE removal of mercury fillings be displayed prominently on your site. I actually cancelled my 3 hour dental appointment on the day I was due to go in because I had not considered and was not even aware of the need to have this done. A naturopath just happened to mention it to me in passing. I have since received the DAMS packet and it does address biocompatibility testing, but does not give you any direction to go in order to get it done. I have done some research and have accumulated the following information which will be very helpful to anyone who needs/wants to have this done. I will also be sending this information to DAMS and to the IAOMT websites. It is VERY frustrating to be told you need to have a biocompatibility test done and not know where to begin!

You can have a blood test performed that determines reactivity to different compounds based on your immune system. There seems to be two companies that will do this test. One is Peak Energy Performance and the other is Clifford Consulting and Research. The phone number for Clifford is (719) 550-0008. Your dentist must order the testing kit by prescription and have it sent to you. You then have to go to a lab and have blood drawn for the test. This seems a little involved and I'm not sure what the dentist would do if you showed sensitivity to some or many of the chemicals being used in your replacement fillings.

Hope this information helps!

Tanya Wilson

I received the email above from a Naturapath who consulted me for a dental referral before having her mercury fillings removed. Some dentists are more concerned than others about having a biocompatibility test for dental materials done before the removal of mercury fillings. Dr. Hal Huggins wouldn't dare advise you to take out the old mercury fillings without testing to see what is safe to put back in their place. This is especially important to those who have become sensitve because they are mercury poisoned. Hal Huggins calls this "jumping from the fying pan into the fire!"

My biological dentist had the Clifford Consulting testing kit in his office. I took it home with me on the day of my initial visit, on the day my dentist did his consult, X-Rays and a treatment plan. A few days later I went to Lab Corp in Roanoke and the prescription inside the testing kit allowed the lab worker to draw my blood (cost $15) and spin it down into a serum. She placed the serum in her freezer, and then just before the lab closed, I retrieved the serum from their freezer, along with the frozen gel packet that came with the kit. I took the frozen serum, frozen gel packet and placed it inside the styrofoam box included in the kit, and took it to FED EX just before the last plane of the day took off to Colorado. Since it was summer time, I did not want my serum to wait around all day in the FED EX office.

FED EX has a deal with Clifford Consulting and Research whereby you affix the label on the package, and the shipping charge is paid by Clifford Consulting. However, my dentist did not give me any form to turn into my insurance company to try to collect payment on this test.

My husband went to a different biological dentist closer to home, and this dentist also had the Clifford testing kit. My husband also had his blood drawn at Lab Corp and we froze his blood and hung around Roanoke until we could see his blood off on the last plane to Colorado. His dentist sent him an insurance form to turn into our insurance, but as of yet, we do not know if the insurance will pay for any of this. The cost of the test is $235.

To find a lab in your town, just look in the yellow pages under laboratory and call and see if they will draw blood if you have a prescription. Check to see the cost and what hours they keep.

Do not try to send the blood to Colorado where it will arrive on the weekend. You do not want it sitting on the doorstoop of Clifford Consulting over the weekend deteriorating. The Peak Energy Performance Test is also sent to Colorado to a competing laboratory. Dentists who use the Huggins' protocol for mercury removal will proably use the Peak Energy Performance Test.

I do not know why Tanya's biological dentist did not have the testing kit in his office. I do not know if he is one of those dentists who do not consider it important, or if it was just an oversight on his part in not giving it to her on her initial visit.

Lisa, a friend of mine who is very sick with MS went to see my biological dentist. He was not recommending that she do the biocompatiblity testing for dental materials. But she knew that according to Hal Huggins she definitely needed it since she had MS. So Lisa insisted. She read Hal Huggins newest book on MS that she ordered off his website, ( and is following his procedure for mercury removal, blood testing throught his organization for her detoxing and supplementation. She is doing all this even though she is using a dentist that is not a 100 percenter in following the Huggins' protocol. So by Lisa doing her own research she found out what needed to be done, and now my biological dentist is working with what SHE WANTS TO BE DONE in her dental revision. She told me that I needed to stress it more on my site, that the safest protocol for those with MS is to follow what Hal Huggins has to say about mercury removal, and subsequent testing, detoxification, and supplementation. So I am passing on your recommendations, Lisa. I hope you do well now that you have had your fillings removed and are starting to detox.

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