Finding a Doctor and Dentist When You are Mercury Poisoned

A person is often very confused when one becomes poisoned by mercury fillings. Here is a concise list of steps to take to find help.

1. Contact DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome) at 1-651-644-4572. Leave a message or speak to Leo Cashman personally. Ask for an information packet and a list of doctors and biological dentists for your state. Do not just choose a biological dentist from the information I will supply below and not read the information packet. You need this information to protect yourself from any harmful practices of any dentist or doctor that you choose to remove your fillings or treat you for mercury toxicity. An informed patient chooses the best and safest doctors and dentists.

2. Check out the list of biological dentists on the IAOMT website. This is the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. The IAOMT only requires their members to be mercury free. They have courses available to the dentists to learn how to safely remove mercury fillings and how to safely replace them with bio compatible materials. However, they cannot police their dentists to make sure they are all using safe mercury removal protocols, so it is up to you to interview any dentist you choose to make sure he will be using safe mercury removal protocols.

Some dentists on the IAOMT website have these initials after their names:


Associate member- AIAOMT means that the member has passed the IAOMT educational program, and is Accredited in the basics of biological dentistry, including safe removal of amalgam fillings.

FIAOMT means that a member has shown a record of service and dedication to the Academy, and is awarded Fellowship.

3. Check out the list of dentists on and
The Alt corp website refers to their dentists as a mercury free dentist. But there are mercury free dentists and mercury free dentists that know how to remove filings safely.

There is the ordinary mercury free dentist who may be in your community, who has only studied at the ADA approved dental schools and ADA continuing education courses. He may not have learned the necessary protocols for the safe removal of mercury fillings, even though he does not use mercury in his practice. You do not want to go to this dentist for the removal of mercury fillings, even though he is mercury free. However, this community based mercury free dentist might be a good dentist to take your children to to avoid having mercury fillings placed in their teeth.

The dentists listed on the Alt corp website for my state are biological mercury free dentists, so the rest of the dentists there should also be biological mercury free dentists.

4. The Hal Huggins alliance of dentists uses more safety protocols in their mercury removal than recommended by the IAOMT. To find a list of dentists in the Hal Huggins Alliance of dentists go to his website:

5. Call some biological dentists from the lists belonging to DAMS, IAOMT, and Alt corp, or Hal Huggins and ask for their recommendations for a good alternative doctor who knows how to treat mercury toxic patients.

6. Integrative health doctors belong to the following organizations listed below. They may or may not be safe or experienced in treating mercury toxic patients. That is why it is good to talk to Leo Cashman at DAMS, or DAMS coordinators from your state that Leo will send you, or get a recommendation from some biological dentists. You could get a recommendation from a biological dentist whether or not you decide to choose him as your dentist.

A list of Integrative health doctors who may know how to treat mercury toxicity:

7. See your alternative doctor for supplements to take before the removal of mercury fillings. (Do not take Vitamin C 24 hours before amalgam removal as you will not numb properly.)

Some doctors will want to run a heavy metals test on you before you have your amalgams removed. This can be dangerous, especially if they use an IV of DMPS to pull the urine from your cells into your kidneys. It may show high levels of mercury in your urine, but I have had one person to contact me who thought she had permanent kidney damage after testing for mercury with an IV of DMPS with the fillings still in her teeth.

It is safer to test for mercury using a chemical chelator AFTER removal of the fillings; however, I would still be very cautious in choosing a doctor who used IV's of DMPS.

I was tested using a 500 mg pill of DMSA and it didn't seem to bother me, but for some very toxic patients, even this could worsen their condition. If a doctor cannot recognize symptoms of mercury toxicity without testing with chemicals, then how much does he really know? Also beware of doctors who fail to treat you for mercury toxicity when your scores are not high on a heavy metals test. Not all toxic people test high on heavy metals tests. Doctors should know that--

exposure to mercury + symptoms of mercury toxicity= mercury toxicity, with or without testing high on a heavy metals test.

8. Read and research the proper protocols for mercury removal. See the first paragraph at for removal protocols and questions you can ask.

9. Work with your alternative doctor for detoxification after amalgam removal, but do not expect him to supply you with all the information you need. You will need to do your own research about safe detoxification. DAMS has a list of books on detoxification listed on this website, or your dentist or doctor may have some. (I personally don't think "Detoxification" by Hal Huggins is worth the money.) However his two books, It's All in Your Head and Uninformed Consent are great books to acquaint you with the effects of mercury toxicity. and how one becomes poisoned.

Opinions will vary on what methods are best or safest. You can also join groups of mercury poisoned people so that you will not feel so all alone and isolated when people think you are nuts for claiming you are poisoned from your dental fillings and you don't just "snap out of it" in 90 days.

You will find references to my site, Dr. Hal Huggins site, Consumers for Dental Choice site, and other biological dentists sites listed as Quacks under a Quackwatch site. Quackwatch is against anything in the field of alternative medicine. Read a Bolen Report of how Robert Baratz has been discredited at "Quackbusters" Crushed in Massachusetts Dental Case.

If you contact me by email please tell me the city and state where you live.

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