Urine Porphyrin Profile Test for Mercury

I wrote to Dr. Boyd Haley about the Urine Porphyrin test he recommended for the poisoned children at the Kiddie Kollege Day Care in Franklinville, New Jersey. This test can determine if the children who are not testing high for mercury are actually poisoned or not.

From: MarieFlowers
Sent: Friday, December 08, 2006 9:52 AM
To: behaley (at) uky.edu
Subject: Mercury porphyrin urine test

Dear Dr. Haley,

Do you have any information on the Mercury porphyrin urine test that you could share with me, or where I could get this information? I want to check with the horse's mouth down in Lexington, Kentucky to make sure the information is accurate. Pretty countryside down there in Lexington.

Do regular doctors do this test or does it need to be done by an alternative doctor?

Could you give a simple explanation of how it is done, so I can post it on my web site so that people will understand it?

Is it hard for doctors to understand the test results in light of mercury toxicity once the test comes back?

If you could lay out the way it should be properly done, then the patient could take this procedure to their alternative health doctor's offices, if he is not already doing this test, and discuss how they want their test done.

This would really be good information for the public to know. I keep hearing about this test but do not know how it is done. My alternative health doctor did not even mention this test to me, and my 6 hour urine collection using 500 mg of DMSA, that was sent to King James Laboratory, never showed up elevated in mercury.

Thank you.

Marie Flowers

This is Dr. Haley's reply:

RE: Mercury porphyrin urine test
Date: 12/12/2006 4:32:45 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
From: behaley (at) uky.edu
Reply To: MarieFlow (at)aol.com


The child's porphyrin test can be obtained by contacting

Laboratoire Philippe Auguste
119 Avenue Philippe Auguste
75011 Paris France

You can call them at 33 1 43 67 57 00. The fax number is 33 1 43 79 00 27 or email at contact@labbio.net.

I talked to Dr. Nataf just yesterday at a symposium in Paris and he gave a wonderful seminar on his latest results. This test can be obtained by any physician and all it requires is a small urine sample. The test results are relatively easy to understand as a rather full explanation comes with the results. If you have problems, call me and I will explain it at no charge.


Porphyrin (poor' fur rin) Profile Testing
Dental Truth Magazine
Spring-Summer 2007 edition

by Leo Cashman, Executive Director of DAMS

This heavy metal toxicity test is being used for non-invasive, safe, and accurate mercury toxicity testing. It is available from several labs in the US and a lab in Paris, France. Rather than looking for mercury in the urine directly, this test looks for effects of mercury, namely an elevation of certain proteins called porphyrins that are showing up in the urine. Normally porphyrins are processed in the body, through a series of chemical reactions, into heme, which is made into hemoglobin or which is used in the making of energy in the ATP cycle. But mercury poisons the enzymes that are needed in the process of making the heme, causing a buildup in the body of excess levels porphyrins. The excessive porphyrins are excreted in the urine. Mercury in our body can thus be detected by measuring the amount of porphyrins in the urine and looking for the distinctive profile of these porphyrins caused by mercury poisoning. The porphyrin known as "precoproporphyrin," is particularly elevated by the action of mercury.

Porphyrin testing is done at several US labs: Metametrix Clinical Laboratory, 800-221-4640; Great Plains Lab, 888-347-2781; and Laboratory Corporation of America, www.labcorp.com.

In Paris, France, the Laboratoire Phillippe August, may be reached via at contact@labbio.net. In addition to the porphyrin readings, this lab provides an analysis of the results, something that the FDA does not allow the US labs to do. However, the Metametrix Lab refers patients to someone outside their lab to interpret the results.** For more information on the lab in France, see the web site www.Labbio.net and look under the tests relating to autism.

** Editor's comment: I wonder what the FDA is trying to hide?

Dr. Boyd Haley presented a paper to the FDA Advisory panel during the 2006 meeting on mercury fillings and neurological diseases, showing why he thinks provocative or challenge urine tests are not so accurate. The provacative tests only measure how much mercury an individual is excreting into their urine. There is no way to measure the body burden of mercury in a person, except through an autopsy.

challenge test, provocative test--A person is given an agent, such as DMSA, to challenge mercury to come out of their cells into their urine.

Read the article,
Testing for Mercury

Dr. Haley's paper to the FDA discussing testing for mercury.

More information on urine porphyrin testing and an interview on Autism One Radio is available at http://www.childrenscornerschool.com/porphyrin.htm on a web site called Children's Corner School. You can listen to an audio presentation with Dr. Boyd Haley.

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