Protocol for the Safe Removal of Mercury

You probably didn't know there was such a thing as a safe protocol for the removal of mercury fillngs from your teeth. In fact, you probably didn't even know you had mercury fillings in your mouth. You know what is in your dog food, but you don't know what is in your mouth!

But now that you know that "silver" fillings or amalgam are approximately 50% mercury, you should also know that there is a protocol for removing mercury safely developed by an alternative dental, medical and professional association known as IAOMT, The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. All I ever knew about was the American Dental Association (ADA) and their seal of approval. There is also another dental association that seeks to protect patients from harmful dental practices. This is the Holistic Dental Association. Their slogan is "First Do No Harm."

Well, I found out the hard way about the ADA seal of approval on removing mercury. It is normal standards of practice for most dentists to expose patients to mercury vapor because of minimum precautions. They were taught to use a water spray to cut down on vapor as mercury is being removed and this should be enough according to normal standards of practice. But what about the patient that is already showing symptoms of mercury toxicity because of leaking fillings? What if the patient is already tasting metal, a symptom of mercury poisoning that is listed on the amalgam Materials Safety Data Sheet? The dentist has this safety data sheet in his office. Why doesn't he read this sheet and take extra precautions with the one who is already experiencing mercury toxicity symptoms? Because he wasn't taught to do this in dental school. Dentists learn these extra precautions AFTER they get out of dental school and take classes through alternative dental associations other than the American Dental Associations. But most dentists are not members of these alternative dental associations, so they just practice what they learned in dental school.

In fact my lawyer told me that I couldn't sue my dentist for malpractice because he had not violated the Standards of Care as determined by the VA state dental board. The normal Standards of Care in dentisty is to expose patients to mercury vapor through inadequate precautions. To file a malpractice suit one must be harmed by his dentist, and also the dentist must have violated the Standards of Care as determined by the state dental board. So even if I am mercury poisoned, it doesn't matter; my dentist did not violate the Standards of Care.

So some dentists get in your mouth and zip, zip, zip and let the vapor fly! It doesn't matter if you breathe it and it goes into your brain. After all they are just trying to meet their production quota for the day. The ADA and their seal of approval says that mercury is bound in the amalgam and is safe. How can it be bound when a dentist drills it out and you see the smoke flying in the room? It also doesn't matter if you have a neurological disease or are being tested for a neurological disease. It doesn't matter if you have been taking prednisone that lowers your immune system and makes you more susceptible to illnesses and poisoning from toxic exposure. It doesn't matter if you have just had the flu and your body is in a run down condition. The dentist will still drill out the mercury filling when you are most vulnerable. Most dentists will go ahead and drill out fillings without taking extra precautions that should be taken when one has a neurological disease. Some will even place more mercury fillings back in the mouth.

Dentists need to be "ungagged" so they can recommend to patients with MS and other neurological diseases that their exposure to mercury would be less if they visited a biological dentist. Dentists should also be able to suggest that the patient research the connection between neurological diseases and chronic mercury exposure from dental fillings. They need to be able to suggest that the patient might want to consider removing all mercury from his mouth. But dentists are "gagged." They can't talk about this with patients. In fact the state dental board would come down on them if they suggest that mercury may be behind their health problems. If your dentist is still using silver amalgam mercury fillings in his practice, he will disagree with everything I just said. He will claim that mercury is safe and sites like mine are just a bunch of frauds. If he has an attitude that mercury is safe because it is bound in the amalgam and it has been used safely for 150 years, I would vote against his ideas by going to another dentist who recognizes the dangers of mercury in dentistry. Dentists who do not think it is dangerous are the one who will most likely poison you.

Biological and holistic dentists want dental patients' immune system to be strengthened with supplements before mercury is removed. They would prefer that the patient is seeing an alterntive physician before mercury is removed if they have any health condition. Biological dentist may have these nutritional supplements and natural detoxifying substances in their offices for their patients. They will suggest the patient go through detoxication of mercury after the mercury fillings are removed if the patient is experiencing mercury toxicity symptoms. It does no good to take mercury out of the mouth and leave it in the body.

We need legislation in Virginia to change the Standards of Care so that dentists would be REQUIRED to protect patients from vapor by using extra precautions that alternative dental associations are recommending. If the ADA doesn't know how to protect patients, and the ADA run dental schools don't know how to protect patients, it is time for the state to step in with legislation to protect the citizens from mercury poisoning dentists!!!

Click on the link to find a safe protocol for removing mercury taken from the site of mercury free biological dentist Dr. David Kennedy. Look at the protocol he uses and compare it to the one your dentist uses. Take a copy of this protocol to your dentist and ask him why he doesn't protect you from mercury vapor!!! IAOMT protocol for safe removal of mercury.

Also check out the protcol of Dr. D. L. Cook at Pay close attention to his explanations concerning the importance of low speed drilling.

Different dentists from different alternative dental associations will use different protocols for safety in mercury removal. You should research this for yourself and you determine which protocol you want to be used for your body. It is your health that is involved. Only you can take care of your body.

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