Dr. Boyd Haley Exposes the Phony Science on Amalgam "Safety"

December 13, 2004

The stories have been whirling in the news when a report was issued from top government agencies stating that amalgam was "safe." Read one news report from WebMd entitled "Mercury Dental Fillings Do Not Pose Health Risk", but don't forget to read Dr. Boyd Haley's exposeŽ that shows how their report was based on phony science. http://my.webmd.com/content/article/98/104695.htm

Dr. Boyd Haley, Chair and Professor of the Chemistry Department at the University of Kentucky says, "This article, and the supporting comments by panel members and dentists, represents an intellectual travesty and an ethical failure of the government and dental agencies whose assignment is to protect Americans, especially American children, from exposure to neurotoxins."

To read Dr. Haley's full review of the goverment report as reported in in the WebMD newspaper article "Mercury Dental Fillings Do Not Pose Health Risk," click here.

Leo Cashman, Excutive Director of DAMS released a statement about the LSRO report. LSRO Report, Fact or Fraud?

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