Reports of Mercury Poisoning Symptoms
in Roanoke and Beyond

In December of 2002 I met a distant cousin, Ronnie, who lives on Bore Auger Road in Bedford County. I was telling him how I was mercury poisoned from exposure to vapor in my dentist's office.

Then Ronnie said, "I had something like that to happen to me!"

Ronnie had a dentist in Botetourt County of VA drill out approximately 6 fillings without protecting him from mercury vapor. He went to this "mercury pushing" dentist several times and each time felt worse. Symptoms included dizziness, disorientation, heart pounding in his chest, and headache. Ronnie said it really scared him when his heart started jumping while sitting in the dentist's chair. He is not an obese person and is only 35 years old. He had never had heart palpitations before. By the last visit, Ronnie said he was so confused and disorientated, he didn't know if he was going to be able to drive home by himself. He had a horrible headache and became so ill he was not able to go to work the day of the last visit.

Want to hear the real clincher for this real life story? Ronnie asked the dentist to put in white fillings, but the dentist refused. He said that they were not any good. That is what mercury dentists tell you when they are incapable of placing a white filling correctly. It takes more skill to place a composite filling than a mercury filling. If not placed correctly composites will not last. So this mercury-poisoning dentist removed six mercury fillings and put back six mercury fillings!

If there are large molar teeth that need filling, a properly trained dentist can use porcelain onlays and a crown. Dentists do not have to use mercury, no matter how large the filling is. Don't let them tell you differently! Ronnie didn't ask for white fillings because of the dangers of mercury. He didn't know silver fillings were 50% mercury. He just wanted them because he thought they looked better. But this dentist refused. I just hope this dentist will not end up with lesions on his brain from "unknown causes." In September 2002 I met the daughter of a mercury- placing dentist who died at the age of 60, after suddenly becoming paralyzed on one side. He was diagnosed with "lesions on the brain from unknown causes." Informed scientists know mercury damages the neurons in the brain. But this dentist's traditional doctors must not have known this or they would have known that the lesions were caused by the dentist's exposure to mercury vapor.

Ronnie said that while the dentist drilled there was a thick cloud of smoke in the room. He didn't know it at the time, but in that cloud of smoke was mercury vapor! He did figure that "something the dentist had done had made him sick." I told Ronnie what the dentist had done for him. He had poisoned him with mercury!

The Botetourt dentist did use a shield over his own face, but I doubt if it protected the dentist completely from mercury vapor. Biological dentist and their assistants go into an isolated room while drilling mercury. They use respirators on themselves to prevent mercury exposure. The patient is hooked up to an oxygen mask or another alternative source of air. Ronnie was not so fortunate, because he was uniformed about the dangers of mercury vapor in a dentist's office. The dentist used some form of protection for himself, but poor Ronnie had no protection at all!

In April 2003 I met Bobbie at the health club in Vinton. I always wear my anti mercury tee shirt to the health club where I go to sweat mercury out of my body in the sauna. On the front of my shirt it reads:

Did you know your silver amalgam fillings were 50% mercury?

On the back it says:

Say No to silver amalgam dental fillings!

Both sides of the shirt show a skulls and crossbones emblem and the HG elemental sign for mercury with a slash through it.

Bobbie saw my tee shirt and we started talking. She told me her co-worker had just had work done on her teeth three week ago. Then she started experiencing all kinds of health problems. Her lips and tongue swelled up and she started tasting metal in her mouth. She said no matter what she did the metallic taste would not leave. She was feeling very tired and didn't know what had happened to her.

In February 2003, while lobbying in Richmond concerning dental mercury, I talked to Brenda M. Gray, legislative aide for the Virginian delegate of the 30th district, Delegate George Broman. Delegate Broman is also a doctor who would not ban mercury thermometers in the Virginia General Assembly in 2002. Ms Gray told me that she had been poisoned from mercury in fish. Her tongue swelled up so much that she could have died. At the emergency room they gave her medication to bring down the swelling. It is good to reduce the swelling, but this DOES NOT REMOVE the mercury from the body.

Now back to my original story-

Bobbie, the lady at the health club, told her co-worker to go back to her dentist and see if he could help her. What a joke!! She did go back to the dentist but didn't find out anything. Don't go back to your mercury poisoning dentist and expect him to tell you the truth that he has poisoned you. If the dentist would just tell the patient what had happened to them and refer them to an alternative physician, then the patient could start receiving help. But dentists won't do this. They want to cover their own skin and the poor patient is left to wander the Roanoke valley trying to find a traditional doctor to diagnose their problem. That is joke number two. I don't know of any traditional doctors in Roanoke that know how to diagnose mercury toxicity from dental fillings. If you are a traditional doctor in Roanoke who is reading this, and you do understand mercury toxicity, how to test for mercury toxicity, and other heavy metals, and how to remove them from the body, please inform me and I could start referring patients to you.

So I told Bobbie about my website and told her the co worker needed to go to an ACAM doctor to receive help. I told her to get back in touch with me and I could refer the lady to a DAMS dentist in North Carolina. If you are poisoned, you must remove the mercury from your teeth or you can never recover from the toxicity.

Bobbie said that she also tasted metal in her own mouth. She only had a couple silver fillings, but I saw a great big gold crown in there with her mercury filings. There is the problem! Gold crowns placed in the mouth with mercury fillings will cause an electrical and chemical reaction known as oral galvanism. This causes mercury to start leaking from the mercury fillings and that is why the person experiences the metallic taste. You are being poisoned when you are tasting metal. The Densply/Caulk materials safety data sheet for their amalgam capsule warns dentists to not place dissimilar metals in the mouth.

If you have had a bad reaction after your dentist drilled out mercury without protecting you from the vapors, you have definitely had an adverse reaction to mercury. Symptoms may be delayed. I experienced symptoms beginning on the 5th day. If you are now experiencing confusion, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, headaches, metallic taste in mouth or other symptoms listed on Symptoms of Chronic Mercury Toxicity, and these symptoms occured only after going to your dentist, you have probably been poisoned to some degree. This may or may not show up on a provacative heavy metals test. It definitely will not show up in a blood test. Mercury only stays in the blood for a few hours before it settles in the organs of the body. That is why you need an alternative doctor who understands the symptoms of mercury poisoning.

If you are reading this and have experienced similar symptoms after going to your dentist, please email or call me. I want to write up your story and help you receive help. The reason I am writing these stories is because I want people to realize that it is happening all the time. It is not just an isolated event that happened to me. After all, the normal Standards of Care in dentisty in VA as determined by the ADA run state dental board is to expose patients to mercury vapor!

Thanks Bobbie for letting me tell your story.

April 2003
On April 8th I stopped at a restaurant in Wytheville and met a nice young waitress. I started sharing with her about mercury fillings. She explained that she had gained 50 pounds and she didn't know why, since her eating habits had not changed. Her doctors could not find out what was wrong with her and her TSH test for thyroid was normal. She also had migraines, and her doctor couldn't help her find the reason for this either.

She went on to explain that she tasted metal in her mouth and she had one large amalgam filling in the back and the side of that tooth had broken off. That set off a memory of what had happened to me. When a tooth breaks, the mercury can start leaking from that filling. I had forgotten that being overweight or underweight because of endocrine problems was a symptom of mercury toxicity according to the Symptoms list of Dr. Hal Huggins.

The waitress told me that her body temperature was not the normal 98.6 degrees. I told her to start researching Dr. Broda Barnes who developed a technique for using the body's temperature to check for an underactive thyroid. I asked her to take her temperature every morning for 10 to 15 minutes before she lifts her head off the pillow. I told her to take it for 7 days and keep records. An underactive thyroid may manifest itself in a low body temperature.

This is the directions for the Thyroid Self-Test in Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Phyllis A. Balch, CNC and James F. Balch, M.D.:
To test yourself for an underactive thyroid, keep a thermometer by your bed at night. When you awaken in the morning, place the thermometer under your arm and hold it there for fifteen minutes. Keep still and quiet. Any motion can upset your temperature reading. A temperature of 97.6 degrees or lower may indicate an underactive thyroid. Keep a temperature log for five days. If your readings are consistently low, consult your health care provider.

Mercury messes up the thyroid, so gaining weight would be a symptom of mercury affecting the thyroid gland. And since the waitress has gained 50 pounds, has migraines, has a metallic taste in her mouth, and has a broken tooth with amalgam in it, I think she is being poisoned.

I told her to email me and I could give her a referral to a dentist. I also told her to go a local ACAM doctor. This doctor will know how to recognize a low body temperature as a symptom of thyroid problems, even though the TSH test appears normal. My doctor told me that the TSH tests are not accurate when you are mercury poisoned.

While I was in the restaurant the little waitress passed out my little papers showing my website. When I was leaving the restaurant, another restaurant employee asked me if "I was the silver woman?"

I said, "Yes, I am the woman who has been mercury poisoned."

She said, "My brother who lives in Texas has also been mercury poisoned."

I asked her how he was poisoned.

She said that he had been an employee of the power company and was electrocuted. He started getting all kinds of problems with his memory and with sensory feelings that his doctors didn't think was coming from the electrocution. Finally someone was able to figure out that when the heat from the electrocution hit his dental fillings, that it caused the fillings to start poisoning him. She said he spent a long time doing chelation to get the mercury out of his body. She promised me that she would contact her brother to tell his story of being electrocuted and poisoned so I could post his story on my website. I look forward to hearing his complete story.

May 2003
I have recently spoken to two people who are having migraines and visual disturbances. One person had a broken tooth with mercury amalgam in it. He was diagnosed with migraines by a neurologist and put on a pain medication. I told him that if the mercury in his teeth is causing the headaches and the visual disturbances taking a pain pill was just putting a band aid on the problem. It was not getting to the root of the migraine.

The other person has no amalgam in his mouth, but his wife said the neurologist diagnosed him with migraines since he had headaches and visual disturbances. Since this man has been a house painter for many years, I suggested that he be checked for heavy metals. Paint used to have lead and some still has mercury. I heard Dr. Don Colbert talking on Pastor John Hagee's program about having painters to detoxify their bodies of the paints and chemical solvents they are exposed to. He said that he always recommended the sauna for painters. Dr. Colbert said one of his patients came out of the sauna and leaned up against the wall. It left a colored spot where he leaned. The paint pigment was actually coming out of his skin onto the wall.

Painters should see an ACAM doctor for a heavy metals test. He also might want to put you on EDTA IV chelation or oral chelation to bring certain metals out of the body. Painters should not leave this in their bodies. I spoke to one man in California who was poisoned from using Kiltz 2. He was having to go on disability because he was so chronic fatigued and poisoned. If you wait until you go on disability then you might not have the money to detox. So it is better to take care of these chemicals and heavy metals before you get completely disabled. And painters do not need to take the chance of developing a neurological disease.

And of course it is good to check with a neurologist to rule out a brain tumor or some other type of brain problem. But if the neurologist can't find anything and just wants to put you on pain medication and you know you have had exposure to chemicals and toxins, or if you have mercury in your teeth, please go to an alternative doctor to get to the root of the migraine.

I met a lady coming out of my local pharmacy when I was first poisoned by mercury. I had been doing research on aspartame and MSG. She was talking with the pharmacist about her prescription drug for migraines. I asked her if she drank diet soft drinks. She said that she drank about three a day. She emailed me back to let me know that once she went off the diet soft drinks with the aspartame in in, her migraines stopped. Now why didn't her doctor tell her this? Why does the FDA continue to say aspartame is safe? Do a google search for aspartame and your eyes will be opened to the coverup concerning the use of aspartame.

July 2003

I was in Kinkos copying today and as usual I shared why I was copying all these papers about mercury toxicity. After responding to a question from a lady about what symptoms I experienced after being exposed to mercury vapor, the lady said, "Well, maybe that is what happened to me. I had a crown put in my mouth a couple years ago, and I had a bad headache for two to three weeks after this. I called my dentist's office and told them that I didn't know that I was supposed to have a headache just from getting a crown."

I explained to her that the dentist probably drilled into a mercury filling before he placed the crown and exposed her to vapor. That is why she had the headache. People need to realize that it is a strong possiblity that the mercury is still in their brains since mercury is a bio-accumulative neurotoxin according to one government agency that controls exposure levels of mercury in the workplace. I would want to have a heavy metals test run. Even if the test shows that the mercury level is not in the toxic range according to some reference ranges used by some doctors, I would still want to take a chelating agent to remove mercury down to the zero level. DMSA can be ordered online. Be sure your liver and kidneys are functioning properly. Dr. Boyd Haley and the people at King James laboratory state that mercury can be toxic at any level. But to detox the body of mercury, the mercury fillings need to be removed first. Even if the headache goes away, that does not mean you are safe. This exposure and subsequent exposures could show up later in a neurological desease such as Alzheimer's twenty or thirty years down the road.

August 22, 2003

I had a phone call from a former prisoner three weeks ago. He is now living in Amelia and was a very faithful man in our prison services. My husband was best man at his wedding when he got out of prison four years ago. He is involved with his church and feels a call to ministry.

I started explaining to Troy about mercury poisoning and what had happened to me. Then he stated that what I said made sense because he had just had four mercury fillings removed by a dentist, and everytime he went to the dentist he ended up with headaches for days. He said that his dentist did not use any form of respiratory protection for him. He has also been experiencing some memory loss.

My husband has been going to a biological dentist to have all his mercury fillings removed. My husband had 15 fillings that had mercury in them. So he has come around since he first denied that I could be poisoned from going to the dentist. He definitely didn't want to go back to our general dentist. But my husband claims I "nagged" him into getting his fillings removed. He said he is not afraid of mercury fillings and they were not hurting him. After all he is a big brave man. That is mighty strange that he would blame his removing mercury fillings on my nagging him. My nagging has never caused him to do anything before that he didn't want to do.

The dental assistant at the biological dentist's office where my husband is going told me that patients could also experience headaches from the anesthesia. So if you have a headache after going to the dentist, then it could be from the anesthesia. But if you breathed mercury in the dentist's office and you had a headache and also some memory loss, could it all be coming from the anesthesia? And how do you know for sure WHY you are experiencing the headaches? Wouldn't it just be better for the dentists to come out of DARK AGES dental practices and start protecting patients from vapor? After all the vapors are being stored in your brain tissue. Mercury loves the brain. Dr. Boyd Haley says that this chronic bio accumulation of mercury in the brain is causing all the biological markers that are indicated in the diagnosing Alzheimer's Disease.

One day I talked to a dental assistant in K-Mart and she told me several years ago when she attended dental assisting school at Virginia Western Community College, the dentists did not use a mask and neither did the assistants. So you can see that the dental industry is very slow in catching on.

I talked to a receptionist in a lawyer's office, where I was discussing a possible lawsuit. She stated that not many lawsuits are filed against dentists in Virginia because the Standards of Care of the dentists were SO VERY LOW. In order to sue a dentist, he must have violated the Standards of Care in dentistry is the way most lawyers interpret the Code of Virginia. And since most dentists expose patients to mercury vapor because they use no form of respiratory protection for the patient, then that dentist did not violate the Standards of Care. The Standards of Care are so low in dentistry most lawyers say, you cannot sue. So like I said before, dentists in VA have a license to poison you.

I have also recently heard from a good source that a doctor was in a biological dentist's office having mercury removed from her teeth. She had passed on mercury to her baby while she was nursing. I do not know the extent of the injuries to the baby.

January 14, 2004

I was contacted by Caroline who lives at Goodview, VA. She had seen by website as she was searching for the mercury/seizures/ epilepsy connection. Caroline had a large amount of amalgam fillings since childhood. She had suffered from migraines since the age of 12. She also developed thyroid problems that resulted in her thyroid gland swelling up and her eyes bulging. Since her TSH test did not show an abnormality, her doctor did not treat her for her thyroid. Her swelling in the thyroid has now gone down. Some alternative doctors say that TSH tests are not valid when one is mercury poisoned.

Recently Caroline started experiencing daily seizures and even grand mal seizures after eating swordfish at the beach and large quantites of fish at home. Her neurologist put her on several seizure medications but she had severe reactions to them that caused her liver to have pain. Finally she discovered the connection between mercury in fish and seizures and stopped eating fish. Immediately she stopped having seizures, even though by this time she had stopped her seizure medication without her doctor's knowledge.

She now feels she needs to convince her neurologists that this is a mercury problem so that he will allow her to get her driver's license back sometime in the future.

I have referred her to several alternative doctors who understand the mercury connection in neurological diseases. She also has ordered the packet of information from DAMS. I told her of a Virginia biological dentist who follows the protocol of Dr. Hal Huggins in removing mercury fillings. Huggins stresses the importance of removing mercury fillings in sequential order of the electrical charges. He says this is especially important in someone with epilepsy.

But it will be up to Caroline to do her own research and decide what dentist and doctor she will decide to use, and whether or not she will use the Hal Huggins protocol of removing fillings in sequential order. It is possible that as an alternative doctor diagnoses her as mercury poisoned, and she recovers by removing her fillings and detoxing, she will be able to use this doctor's recommendation to get her driver's license back.

Before Caroline had done all this research, she went to her local Roanoke dentist and told him she thought her fillings were cauing her to have epilepsy. She asked him to remove her fillings but he declined and offered to put caps (crowns) over top of her fillings. He is not a mercury free dentist, and she noticed a decline in her health right after he placed her last mercury filling. On the last visit, she only had her teeth cleaned. This caused her to also have a relapse and had to go to bed for a day. She figures the dental hygienist polished her amalgam fillings, and this caused her to be exposed to more mercury, thus causing her to feel sick.

Caroline is so glad that she did not allow her dentist to place caps over top of her mercury fillings. She now knows that if he had placed these caps with base metals, she would have been more poisoned than what she is now, since this would have caused oral galvanism. This would definitely cause more electrical charges to go into her brain and may have caused more severe seizures. See the article by Bernard Windham The Mercury Connection and Seizures.

December 2006, Update on Caroline from Goodview

In the fall of 2006 I received an email from Caroline who was so excited about just finding my web site and reading about the exposure of mercury causing seizures. She told me that she had a great dentist in Roanoke who was no longer using mercury fillings in her teeth, since she had seizures from mercury in fish. She said that she had stopped eating fish and her seizures had stopped.

I called her and told her that she and I had talked back in 2004. I asked her, "Don't you remember us talking and me telling you that in order to get rid of your exposure to mercury that you would have to safely remove all your mercury fillings as well as not eat fish with high mercury levels?" She didn't remember us talking.

I asked her if her dentist was still placing mercury in people's teeth and she said yes, but he wasn't putting them in her teeth. I told her that if her dentist was all that "great" as she had called him, he wouldn't expose other people to mercury either.

She kept going on about how her seizures did not occur if she didn't eat fish, and acted like she has just discovered this. I reminded her that we had talked about fish back in 2004, and about mercury dental fillings and how the cumulative exposure from mercury from all sources was what was causing her to have seizures. But she seemed to have forgotten everything we talked about. I once again encouraged her to get her fillings safely removed, but she didn't seem that concerned.

Mary Ann Newell, an Activist for DAMS and Consumers for Dental Choice has told me not to waste my time on people who are not responsive, so I am marking Caroline off my list. If she won't listen I can't help her. If her memory is so bad that she can't even remember us talking, then I pity her future health! If she is convinced her dentist is a great dentist just because he doesn't put mercury in her teeth while poisoning the rest of his patients in Roanoke, then she is beyond help!

Maybe she will discover my site again "for the first time" five years from now and be surprised all over again about mercury in fish is causing her to have seizures.

My husband has a joke that he asks people, "What is the advantage of having Alzheimer's?

Answer: "When you have Alzheimer's you never watch reruns on television, you are always making new friends, and you never heard any old news. Every thing is news to you."

January 2007

I was talking with Rob, my niece's husband, when we had Thanksgiving dinner at my mother's last November. I have been telling my family about how their dentists could be poisoning them for years, but they have basically been ignoring what I have said. I was telling Rob about how the Bedford Bulletin was doing a great story on the mercury dental fillings.

Rob told me that the last time he went to his dentist in Bedford, he had a really bad reaction. He said the dentist had taken out a filling and put in another one, but he wasn't sure if it was mercury or not. I looked in his mouth and it was a silver filling. He said that after going to the dentist his throat had swollen up, he had a headache, and felt achy, and he had gotten so sick he went to the doctor but the doctor couldn't really help him or figure out what was wrong with him.

I explained that he was going to a very dangerous dentist. Rob admitted he didn't like the dentist. I told him that he had just exposed him to mercury vapor and he was on his way to being mercury poisoned and if he let that dentist work on him again he could end up with Alzheimer's, have to quit his job and struggle to regain his health. I told him he could go to Dr. Fred Smith, a biological dentist in Lynchburg, and he wouldn't use mercury fillings and if he removed a filling he would protect his patients from breathing mercury vapor.

My niece is going to this mercury poisoining dentist in Bedford and taking their two sons to him. I hope they will wise up and listen, but who knows how much it takes to convince people that dentists, their very own dentists, are poisoning them and their children with mercury every time they go for an appointment?

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