Three Ways to Be Mercury Poisoned
from "Silver" Amalgam Dental Fillings

  1. Leaking mercury fillings.
  2. Mercury can "leak" into your body. See the book by Don Colbert, M. D. What You Don't Know May Be Killing You. He was a victim of mercury poisoning from leaking fillings. Dr. Colbert has a website at Only one chapter in the book pertains to mercury poisoning. He is the Christian alternative doctor that often appears on John Hagee's and Benny Hinn's programs.

    However, don't think that just because a medical person is a Christian that he has to be safe. There are "Christian" dentists following the the pro amalgam policies of the ADA putting mercury fillings in people's mouths every day.

  3. Breathing Mercury vapor.
  4. You can breathe toxic mercury vapor while the dentist is drilling into a "silver" filling while replacing a filling or placing a crown or root canal. A biological dentist will protect you from breathing mercury vapor by using an oxygen mask and other protections. General dentists are not taught to protect the patient with the use of an oxygen mask. Marie Flowers, author of this site, was mercury poisoned by breathing mercury vapors. Contact Marie at marieflow (at)

  5. Imcompatibile dental materials.
  6. You can have a chemical and electrical reaction in your mouth called oral galvanism. This occurs when a dentist places an incompatible material in your mouth that interacts chemically and electrically with the mercury in your dental fillings. This causes mercury to start leaching out of your fillings and thus you can become mercury poisoned.

    • Gold crowns placed over top of or close by a mercury filling.
    • Former Instructor of English Rob Sherwood at James Madison University has been mercury poisoned this way.

    • Nickel in braces and bridgework interacting with mercury filling.
    • Stainless steel contains nickel. Nickel causes cancer. Stainless steel interacting with bridgework causes oral cancer in the mouth.

    • "High metals" like nickel in low quality porcelain crowns placed over top of a mercury filling or close to a mercury filling can cause mercury to start leaking from the filling faster. 100% porcelain crowns are safer. But mercury is never safe. Don't let a dentist put a crown over mercury. See a biological dentist. The website of Dr. Hal Huggins has recommendations for dental materials at He warns against the use of chrome crowns (stainless steel crowns) in children, saying the high levels of nickel causes visual problems in children. In his book Uninfomed Consent, he also mentioned that children with high levels of nickel become violent and have emotional and behavioral problems.

    • I was contacted by two young men in their 20's from Tampa, Florida, both of whom had be poisoned by incompatible dental materials. Both had gone to dentists who had placed metal devices in their mouths for TMJ. The devices may have rested against the mercury fillings in their mouths, but I am not sure. One man called his dentist's office and found out it was stainless steel so therefore it had nickel in it. Both young men suffered chronic fatigue and memory problems and found it very difficult to work to support their families. One had his teeth to start deteriorating in his mouth and break off. One wore the device 8 months night and day and another wore it 12 months. Both were poisoned from oral galvanism causing mercury to leak from their fillings. I understand that dentists can use a non metal TMJ device, which would be much safer.

    You are entitled to see the Materials Safety Data Sheet that comes will any material your dentist is placing in your mouth. Research these materials through organizations like DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions) and you can avoid being mercury poisoned! For an information packet contact DAMS at 1-651-644-4572. A small donation will be requested if you can afford it. DAMS will send you a list of biological dentists in your state. DAMS is a grassroots, non-profit organization, dedicated to educating the public about the possible health hazards from mercury fillings. There may be coordinators in your state who can talk to you about this mercury mess and give you advice. But you will need to do your own research and make your own decisions.

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    © 2002 by Marie Flowers.