Where to Get DMSA and Natural Hormones in Roanoke

DMSA and natural hormones are best obtained locally from a compounding pharmacist. The pharmacist can work with the alternative physician to compound the drugs to fit what your body needs. If the level of estrogen becomes too high in the natural hormones (when the breasts become tender), the compounding pharmacist can work with the doctor to gradually reduce the amount of estrogen as necessary. The natural progesterone level will usually remain the same.

Not everyone will need estrogen, though I did since the mercury toxicity messed up my hormones. For osteoporosis alternative doctors are recommending natural progesterone which can increase bone mass by 15%. The prescriptions drugs like Roxiflen only increase bone mass by 2% and may have dangerous side effects. I have had a very successful experience working with Graham Stevens at Blue Ridge Apothecary on Franklin Road. His phone number is 540-345-6480. Graham files the prescription charges with my insurance company and I receive a reimbursement from my insurance company. He also calls my doctor for the refill so I don't have to call the doctor myself. He and my doctor work together to decide what strength of medication I need since my needs are constantly changing. Other compounding pharmacies may not file the insurance or offer the services that Graham provides. But the person could check this out for themselves.

Other compounding pharmacists in the Roanoke area include:

Down Home Pharmacy in Botetourt County
Valley View Pharmacy in Roanoke
Medicine Shoppe at Boones Mill & Christiansburg
Richfield Pharmacy in Salem

Please get off of the synthetic hormones if you are on them. Please see the website of Dr. Helen Pensanti who has been warning about the dangers of synthetic hormones for years. Go to Ask Dr. Helen What your Doctor Will Not Tell You.

Also click on the section on Dr. Helen Pensanti's site about the latest Hormone Studies.

Also see the article by Dr. Joseph Mercola Hormone Replacement Increases Risk of Dementia

The secular news media is telling of the dangers of hormone replacement therapy but are not telling the American women that there are natural bio-identical hormones which are safe. Benny Hinn, the 700 Club, and Trinity Broadcasting Network's alternative doctors are telling people about the safe natural hormones.

Say "No to Silver Amalgam Dental Fillings.
Silver Fillings are 50% Mercury!

Say "No to synthetic hormones.
They could give you cancer.

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