Why Did All of This Happen to Me?
[updated May 2003]

I have been reflecting on this question, "How did all this happen to me?" for a few days. People often ask why when they get sick. I know that sickness is not of God. God is a healer, not a "mercury-poisoner." John 10: 10 says

The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. (New King James version of the Bible)

So God is the author of life and health and the enemy is out to steal and destroy one's life and health. In fact the apostle Peter says in I. Peter 5: 8

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him steadfast in the faith......

There may be some reading this who neither has a Christian perspective nor knowledge of these Scriptures. But one thing we can all agree on is this: being mercury poisoned by one's dentist is not a good thing.

So why did this happen to me?

In July of 2001 my friends, Susan and Sadie, and I went to hear Dutch Sheets speak at a church in Williamsburg, VA. He was on a tour throughout the U.S. leading people to pray for our nation. During this weekend trip, Susan, Sadie and I prayed for our health. I remember praying specifically that God would reveal to us if there was anything wrong with our bodies, what we could do to change it, and how we could eat more healthy and take care of ourselves. A little over one month later, I was mercury poisoned.

Because I was mercury poisoned and had to research to find answers, I learned many things.

1) I learned one cause for Belle's Palsy, according to mercury education groups such as DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome), is mercury exposure. Before being mercury poisoned I didn't know that mercury leaked from one's teeth. The mercury caused inflammation of the myelin sheath of the 7th cranial nerve that controls the facial muscles. Most doctors will say they don't know the origin of Belle's Palsy. They think it might be some unknown virus that attacks the 7th cranial nerve. I know the name of the "little bugger" now; it is mercury! My neurologist treated me with prednisone to stop the inflammation. That powerful prescription drug pulled down my immune system so much, I was more susceptible to being mercury poisoned one month later. Now that I know I have mercury in my brain, and am detoxing (chelating) to pull the mercury out of my brain, I have had some slight symptoms that were similar to the Belle's Palsy from last year. I know what Belle's Palsy feels like and I know how mercury in the brain affects the eyelids by causing twitching and pulling around the eyelids. Belle's Palsy and symptoms related to mercury in the brain feel very similiar.

2) I learned one reason for tingling and numbness in the extremities is mercury poisoning. It says this right on the Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) that comes with the amalgam capsule that the dentist uses in his office. Each medical product must have a safety data sheet that explains how to safely use that product. I had been experiencing tingling and some numbness in my arm, leg and face since 1996. The neurologist ruled out all other causes of tingling in my extremities, and was concentrating on neurological reasons for the tingling. I don't suppose neurologists ever read the MSDS that comes with dental products. After speaking online to a mercury-poisoned dental assistant, the dentist and assistants must not read the MSDS either. The dental assistant told me she had never seen the MSDS, not even while in dental assisting school. According to the assistant, the dentist's main concern is production-getting you in and out of the chair, and putting someone else in the chair after you.

So I know now my teeth had been leaking mercury for years, and that is what caused the tingling. Christian author and medical doctor, Dr. Don Colbert talked about teeth leaking mercury in the first chapter entitled "The Menance of Mercury" in his book What You Don't Know May Be Killing You. The first time I experienced tingling and numbness in my chin was immediately after having my teeth cleaned at the periodontist's office. The hygienist was a little rough that day and I originally thought she had damaged a nerve in my face. But it could have been that she disturbed some mercury that day while cleaning my teeth, or my leaking fillings were finally causing numbness in my chin.

3) I learned MS (Multiple Sclerosis) symptoms are exactly the same symptoms as mercury poisoning. I also learned that the MS society and most traditional neurologists will never accept this. I learned from persons that have recovered or improved from MS after having mercury safely removed. They were tested for heavy metals, detoxifed their bodies of all heavy metals, changed eating and health habits, avoided all toxins in their environment, and took needed supplements that alternative doctors have determined that MS patients need. But the traditional medical establishment is not interested in stories of cures. They only believe what they have been taught in medical school. They will not even investigate cures or marked improvements-whether they come from mercury removal or change in diet. They are just not interested in anything they consider anecdotal. To read the story of Kenneth Presner who who got up out of a wheel chair and now has practically no MS symptoms, go to Overcoming Incurable Diseases. Click on "Speech to the MS Society." I don't know about the "zappers" he mentions, but I loved his speech. I just wonder, "Why did the MS Society allow him to speak in the first place?" You will understand my question after you read his speech. If you want to contact him for information concerning MS or Crohn's Disease, email him at kenpresner@yahoo.com.

To see Dr. Mercola's remarks on the treatment of MS, go to Multiple Sclerosis Drug Linked to Heart Problems. Some quotes from this article include:

" MS is not a simple thing to put into remission. The chance of going into remission with conventional treatments is close to zero. The chances increase considerably when employing intelligent natural therapies." Dr. Mercola goes on to say, "MS is a very challenging problem to treat. There are no simple solutions. Usually mercury is a complicating factor. The mercury tends to impair the immune system and allow infections like Epstein Barr to worsen the problem."

Dr. Mercola backs up the conclusions of Kenneth Presner who says you have to do your own research, do your own thinking, and quit leaning on conventional medicine for a neurological diseases like MS. In my opinion, the dentist Dr. Hal Huggins could help you go into remission quicker than a traditional neurologist. Dr. Huggins lost his license to practice dentistry because he refused to place amalgam, refused to refer people for root canals, and wrote the book It's All in Your Head. He was also helping people with MS by removing their amalgams. The American Dental Association didn't want to hear one of their own dentists turn against a product the ADA has a patent on- mercury amalgam.

I am NOT saying to quit taking your prescriptions from your neurologist. What I am saying is to start doing your own research, find an alternative doctor belonging to www.acam.org who believes that mercury toxicity may contribute to MS. A doctor from the American College for the Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) should be able to test for heavy metals and then show how to remove the metals from the brain. They can also help implement natural treatments that will benefit victims of this disease. Dr. Don Colbert mentioned previously in this article, is a member of ACAM. Remove the mercury safely from your teeth only after doing much research. Start by reading the book It's All in Your Head: The Link Between Mercury Amalgams and Illness by Dr. Hal Huggins. Be sure to read all of the reviews of this book at Amazon.com. Mercury removal has to be followed up with detoxification. Organizations like DAMS (1-651-644-4572) can provide information about detoxification, along with the recommendations of your alternative doctor. Some choose only natural supplements while others use prescription drugs like DMSA (dimercaptosuccinic acid.)

At some point a person may decide they don't need the traditional neurologist anymore. You'll know when. I knew I didn't need my neurologist when I appeared at his office 22 days after exposure to mercury with my brain "on fire" and he said he "doubted it could be from mercury poisoning." Then he added, "I don't know too much about mercury poisoning." I only went back for one more visit to tell him that I had been diagnosed with mercury toxicity. So I chose to find an alternative physician who knew about mercury and its toxicity. If I go to another neurologist, I would try to find one that belongs to ACAM, the American College for the Advancement in Medicine.

4) I learned there is a direct correlation between mercury poisoning and Alzheimer's Disease. Dr. Boyd Haley, chairman of the chemistry department at the University of Kentucky shows that in the brains of Alzheimer's patients there is tremendous amounts of mercury in the tangled neurons. Check out his site at www.testfoundation.org and read his testimony before Congressional hearings on my website.

To read the story of a man cured of early stage Alzheimer's after removal of mercury from 23 teeth, detoxification of all heavy metals, avoidance of allergy producing petroleum products, and a complete lifestyle change, read Tom Warren's book Beating Alzheimer's: A Step Towards Unlocking the Mysteries of Brain Diseases. Tom Warren's very enlightening website is at www.midnightcafe.com/alzh/. Tom Warren has a new book called Beating Chronic Disease that can be bought from DAMS. This book has much more information that he has acquired since he wrote Beating Alzheimer's.

5) I also learned from a wonderful alternative doctor in Chicago how crooked, distorted and biased the medical profession is. Medicine is run by money. Money is where the drugs and surgeries are. Drug companies sponsor research to promote the latest drug. A natural supplement or diet change could be a better treatment than the drug, but that does not matter. Traditional doctors are not trained in the use of vitamins and minerals. Drug companies educate the doctors to the latest drugs and the drug is prescribed along with its side effect. There may be other things that would work better, but if they do not go through testing and approval by the FDA, they are not prescribed or even mentioned by doctors. And nothing will go through testing unless drug companies can make big bucks off of it. So many wonderful supplements and treatments are not used by mainstream medicine because there is no money to be made by the drug companies. You may read about this on the website of Dr. Joseph Mercola at www.mercola.com. Dr. Mercola says according to a report in the "Journal of the American Medical Association" 250,000 deaths occur each year due to mistakes of doctors. These mistakes of doctors are the third leading cause of death behind cancer and heart disease. Adverse reactions from prescription drugs are the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. See www.mercola.com/2000/jul/30/doctors_death.htm. So, to sum it up, the causes of death in the United States in descending order are 1) heart disease, 2) cancer, 3) mistakes of doctors, and 4) adverse reactions to prescription drugs.

6) I learned that dentistry as taught and practiced by pro mercury dentists belonging to the American Dental Association is one of the most dangerous medical professions in the United States today. Other medical professions have changed over the years. The dental profession as a whole refuses to change because they are still protecting their position on mercury. Dentists who know the dangers in their profession are threatened with loss of license if they suggest to a patient that the removal of mercury may help their health to improve. That would be considered "unethical" to remove mercury in "good" fillings if it is to help reverse a disease. Of course no dentist or doctor would ever say they could "cure" a disease. Only God can do that. But dentists should be able to suggest that their condition may improve if the fillings were replaced with a less toxic material. They may also get in trouble if they suggest supplements that would help a patient through the mercury removal and detoxification. It is okay for dentists to remove mercury fillings for cosmetic reasons. It is okay to remove mercury fillings if a doctor says a patient has an "allergy" to mercury. Dentists do not want to draw attention to themselves that they use special precautions such as an alternative source of air or a dental dam. It would be good for the patient if they could advertise that they use special precautions, but dentists are penalized if they advertise that they are specialist in a certain area such as in the removal of mercury. If you check the rules of the Virginia state dental board you can find that information.

In Section 54.1-2706 in The Code of Virginia Board of Dentistry The Board may refuse to admit a candidate to any examination, refuse to issue a license to any applicant, suspend for a stated period or indefinitely, or revoke any license or centure or reprimand any licensee or place him on probation for such time as it may designate for any of the following causes: ............7. Publishing or causing to be published in any manner an advertisment relating to his professional practice which is (i) is false, deceptive or misleading, (ii) contains a claim of superiority, or (iii) violates regulations promulgated by the Board governing advertising.

So according to the state dental board all dentists are equal as far as removal of mercury is concerned. However, I know differently. My local dentist only partially removed one mercury filling and poisoned me with vapor. But I went to a "specialist" in the removal of mercury, though the state dental board does not allow him to advertise as such, and the bilogical dentist in Virginia removed mercury in ten teeth and he did not poison me. So if a local dentist tells you that you would be better off leaving the fillings in your mouth, that is true if you would allow that dentist to remove the fillings. A biological dentists that uses the proper precautions could possibly help you to start regaining your health by removing mercury. Those dentists who do not believe mercury is dangerous and do not take any special precautions could half kill you if they remove it. A chiropracter told me that he drives his whole family from southwestern VA to Baltimore, MD to go to a mercury-free biological dentist because "there are so many things that dentists can do that can harm the body."

If dentists would be allowed to advertise that they use precautions such as an alternative source of air and a dental dam when they remove mercury, then patients could be educated to safer ways of dentistry. Patients would start demanding minimum standards of care that would be much safer than the standards of care offered today. We need competition and the principles of supply and demand operating in dentistry. Then patients can become aware that there are safer protocols and dentists who practice these protocols are available. As dentistry is practiced now, no one knows what is being used in his mouth, or if the patient is told, he is being deceived by such words such as "amalgam" or "silver." The patient is never asked, "Now Mr. Jones, would you like to have mercury put in your teeth today?" As dentistry is practiced now, the patient is often refused "white" fillings by dentists saying they are no good. As dentistry is practiced now, the patient is UNINFORMED that he is inhaling mercury vapor when a dentist starts drilling on a silver filling. The patient does not know that there is a specialized group of dentists that would protect him from mercury vapor by using a safer protocol of mercury removal. Advertising would open up the way for light to shine into the deceitful things going on in dentistry.

So when I prayed that prayer in July 2001 asking God to show me how to be healthier, if there was anything wrong in my body, and how I could correct it, He did show me! It took the experience of being mercury poisoned to learn all this. Thank God, this was revealed to me and now I am sharing with you. You do not have to be mercury poisoned to learn the truth. Do your own research. Read the books. Do not ignore my warning! Mercury will poison and can kill you!

Cancer from mercury exposure can kill you because mercury suppresses the immune system. When I was first poisoned and started doing research, I felt that the removal of mercury was a personal decision, that one could choose either way. But the more I study, and the more people I meet in my daily life, and the people I have met on the Internet who have cancer because of being mercury poisoned, has convinced me that mercury is a snake in the grass waiting to bite you!

An alternative oncologist from the south and member of ACAM requires his cancer patients to remove mercury from their teeth so that their immune system can step in to help fight the cancer. I first heard of this medical doctor when I sent an email to Pastor Anne Gimenez at the Rock Church in Virginia. She told me that she and her husband John Gimmenez who started and organized the "Washington for Jesus" prayer rallies back in the 80's, went to this doctor. She also told me that she and Brother John had had their mercury fillings removed years ago. Then I ran across this doctor's name in the dental books I was reading that warned against the dangers of mercury. What a divine coincidence! So this cancer specialist knows mercury in your teeth can cause you to loose in the battle with cancer.

Keep checking back here for more stories. I plan to include other people's stories also. And do the research on the links provided. These anti-mercury organizations listed at the bottom of each page know more about mercury's dangers than I do. They are the scientists and I am only a student learning.

The Lord showed me that mercury was slowly and chronically causing symptoms in my body that could have eventually led to a debilitating neurological disease. If I had not been acutely poisoned by my dentist in one day, I could have believed the neurologist's diagnosis of a neurological disease, and could have been doomed to ineffective treatments the rest of my life, unless I received a miracle from the Lord. Because I was acutely mercury poisoned in one day, I knew my symptoms had to be related to my visit to the dentist. But because I was so "foggy headed," it took me a couple months to figure it out. But I began to search for answers night and day. I lived in front of the computer and I read books from pioneers like Dr. Hal Huggins. People were praying for me to find answers. I found the answer that I was mercury poisoned within two months, and had the mercury safely removed from my teeth within four months. Many people go through a lifetime of misery and one illness right after another, not realizing they are being chronically poisoned from mercury. Now I am working on getting the mercury out of my brain. The Lord showed me what was wrong in my body. It was mercury!!! The best thing I ever did was to remove it from my teeth. Thank God for his wisdom!

I am reminded of the Scripture in Romans 8:28

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

This Scripture does not say that all things are good. Mercury poisoning is not good! However, because I was poisoned, all things have worked together for the good to alert me to a deadly toxin in my mouth that was slowly leaking into my body. Being poisoned motivated me to care about and learn about staying healthy. I have learned that my health will depend on my being responsible for my own body, and praying for my health. I can not leave the health of my body to an over-rushed doctor. I need to be actively involved in the process of my medical care. Doctors are not God and we need to work together with our doctors to find answers, not just sit back, obey and not ask questions. Dare to pray the prayer I prayed. Ask God to show you if there is something you need to change in your body, why you are sick and how to get healthy. Ask Him, "Lord, am I sick because of mercury in my dental fillings, or infection in my root canals?"


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