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California Dentists Forced to Disclose Health Risks of Amalgam Fillings


House of Representatives Bill 4011 Mercury in Dental Filling Disclosure and Prohibition Act. Type in "HR 4011" to see the bill that would immediately stop mercury from being placed in the mouths of children, pregnant and nursing women and would require the disclosure of the dangers of amalgam to consumers. Mercury in dental products would be banned after 2008. Contact your legislator in the House of Representatives and your two US Senators and ask them to support HR 4011. This legislation is being sponsored by Congresswoman Diane Watson (D-Calif) and Congressman Dan Burton (R-Ind). As of May 8, 2003, the ADA is hand delivering papers telling House members not to ban mercury fillings.

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May 16, 2003
Tonight I listened to my local NBC affliate's news. They showed a pregnant woman seeing her dentist. The health reporter told how important it was to receive dental care while one was pregnant. They told how that gingivitis and periodontal disease was not good for the baby. The dentist was emphasizing the fact that dentists need to look at a patient's oral health as an indication of thier overall health. What was featured on this news spot was good, but what was left out was dangerous to leave out.

I shuttered to think that a pregnant woman might decide, "Oh, I need to take care of my teeth now. I am pregnant" and let a dentist replace some mercury dental fillings. Of course the local news did not warn of the dangers of the baby being exposed to mercury while a woman is pregnant. The mercury can pass right through the plancenta into the baby's brain. But you might say, "Oh, but the dentist would know better than to drill out mercury while a woman is pregnant!"

Well a dentist in Texas must not have known about the dangers. There is a lawsuit in TX where the attorney Shawn Khorammi is suing a Texas dentist because he exposed a pregnant woman to mercury vapor. The baby is autistic. The link to Khorammi's site no longer works, so I don't know what happened to the case.

[Update November 2006] Testimony before the FDA Advisory Panel in September 2006 showed that ADA dentists don't have a policy about the dangers of exposing pregant women to mercury vapor. The biological dentist on the FDA Advisory Panel, Dr. Michael Fleming, pointed out that he never removed a mercury filling in a pregnant woman because of mercury vapor going through the placenta into the baby. He said that dental care was encouraged during pregnancy but it was very dangerous for women with mercury dental fillings to allow the dental hygienist to polish the fillings while she was pregnant because mercury vapors are released in tremendous amounts during polishing. Another non biological dentist on the FDA Advisory panel pointed out that some insurance will often pay for dental work during pregnancy that is not available otherwise. Biological dentists know this is the worse possible time to have restorative dental work done involving mercury!

So if you are deciding whether or not you will take the time to write to your two Senators and your Representative, won't you please do it now? How many women would know it COULD be dangerous to go to the dentist while pregnant? The local news surely isn't telling her! The obstetrician proabably isn't either.

Dr. Russell Blaylock, a neurosurgeon in a 700 Club Interview said that if you are in a dentist's office where he is drilling other people's fillings, "and if you sit in their office and breathe the air and it has high mercury levels, you’re also in danger just from sitting in the office."

Even though I now have my mercury fillings removed, I will hesitate to go to a local dentist's office that drills out mercury and exposes the waiting room to all that vapor. Biological dentists use an isolated room with good ventilation to drill out mercury.

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Biting Back The Story of how activist Freya Koss was mercury poisoned from an ignorant dentist putting liquid mercury in her fillings. She was diagnosed with MS, lupus, and Myasthenia Gravis. She is with the organization Consumers for Dental Choice. Their website is at

Letter from the Holistic Dental Association to the FDA There are alternative dental associations that oppose the use of mercury in dental products. In this letter the Holistic Dental Association points the FDA to research that would support the ban of mercury fillings.

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